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long? and the question is, would there be any candidate who's been challenging governor romney who comes out of super day with a realistic chance of winning the nomination? we've had ups and downs, different people rising and falling. romney has been kind of a savvy competitor, the person to be. but after tomorrow we're going to have a better sense of the totality of this phrase in the degree to which governor romney has the advantage of the rest of the field. >> dan, we've been touching on a number of issues with the student including the money, organization, infrastructure, what is the worst possible case for it to marinate for someone like a mitt romney? can he get by with maybe winning barely or not winning for example to see what happens if he loses ohio, how do you and folks at the national press corps see this storyline unfolding particularly given that newt and santorum and ron paul made it clear they don't plan to go anywhere. does this just more hurdles for matt or is there more for him? >> this has been such a spot for him although i think the boston team running this ca
. there might be some debate about syria. [inaudible] >> well, as advisor to governor romney i think it is an excellent job. [laughter] know, look, first of all he has in he has, in fact, laid out a very comprehensive, by far the most comprehensive approach to foreign policy in a very long white paper. is given a big speech on the subject. but as is normal in the nature of most primary campaigns, it just hasn't been the topic does you were. and you don't get a chance to let out the grand vision of american foreign policy when you're debating contraception and you know, all the other important topics that you're debating. so i think you'll see more. a better time to ask this question will be in the general election. because then i think it would be a discussion about american foreign policy. i think that there has been room for criticism of the obama administration, and i know that one of the major approaches of governor romney, for instance, is that for quite some time and effort is part of the world, president obama has not been particularly great with a number of our allies. he's n
, it's a special a two-man race between him and mitt romney. however, mr. santorum cannot win at least 10 other states 54 delegates because his campaign failed to file the paperwork. the former pennsylvania senator will be in dixon, illinois for a rally and we will have live coverage of that add about 1 p.m. eastern. in the meantime that romney will be campaigning in chicago. he will be giving an economic policy speech at the university of chicago this afternoon. she's beec-span will have live e at 115 eastern. the former massachusetts governor one puerto rico's 20 delegates yesterday, and met romney's wife said last night that it's time for the other republican candidates to get behind her husband. as we mentioned, illinois hold its primary tomorrow. the status 54 delegates at stake and several polls show a close race in the illinois primary. a poll taken over the weekend by public policy polling shows mr. romney ahead of rick santorum, 45-30% among likely republican primary voters. with newt gingrich at 12% and ron paul at 10%. including puerto rico's result commit romney now has col
in illinois, both rick santorum and mitt romney and president obama as a matter of fact. he's speaking now in chicago and that's live on our companion network, c-span. rounding out the month, louisiana on the 24th and then into april with primaries in the district of columbia, maryland and wisconsin. and a reminder, too, that you can make your clearinghouse for all sorts of video and campaign speeches, the candidate positions and social media as well, all of that at >> our system is fundamentally undemocratic in a number of ways. one of the ways is closed primaries. so in half the states in the country, 40% of all the voters can't participate in the primaries. and so they had no say in who get nominated. and as a result, we get more and more extreme candidates on both ends of the spectrum. >> saturday night at 10:00 eastern on "after words," linda killian writes in the swing vote that the most powerful electorate bloc in the u.s. are independent voters and they decided every election since world war ii. also this weekend on booktv, saturday at 8:00 pm, d
note in the news this morning it said that mitt romney is starting to turn to the obama administration and focus its critique on its foreign policy which strikes me a bit like peewee herman challenging mike tyson, but i would appreciate your assessments. >> barbara? >> sure. well, president obama said something very sensible, i forget whether it was in his -- i think it was actually in his speech to the apec convention where he pointed out that the only way you can actually get a country to not build nuclear weapons is if leadership of that country decides not to build nuclear weapons, that there's no other permanent way to stop nuclear proliferation. i thought that was a really key point. um, so, i mean, he's basically saying that we have sanctions, we have other tools, but, you know, ultimately it's going to have to be a decision of the iranian government. there is no -- he was saying, in effect, there is no military solution to the iranian nuclear program even while he insists that all options remain on the table. so i think that's very useful. but we've seen, certainly, mitt romney
as a result and speeches. polls have met romney and rick santorum in a tight a week ago. now mr. romney are printed in illinois surged in some polls. >> a new america where it is made real for all. without regard to race our belief on economic conditions. i mean a new america which everlasting attacks the agent idea that men can solve their differences by killing each other. [applause] >> as candidates campaign for president this year, we look back at 14 in the rain for the office, and lost. go to our website to see video of the contenders for a lasting impact on american politics. >> the profit of the radical liberal left continues to offer only one solution to the problems which confront us. they tell us again and again and again, we should spend our way out of trouble and spend our way into a better tomorrow. >> >> and now back to the atlantic magazines economic summit. in this half-hour portion, economist laura d'andrea tyson from the president's council on jobs and competitiveness talks about the current economic situation. >> laur
by public policy point shows mitt romney ahead of santorum 35 to 40% among the likely primary voters with new gingrich at 12% and ron paul at 10%. you can watch live coverage on the c-span networks and online. illinois has 54% of delegates at stake. mr. santorum is ineligible to win at least ten of those because of his campaign filings paperwork feeling. including puerto rico mr. romney now has 521 delegates compared to rick santorum to record 53, new gingrich 136, and ron paul 50 associated press. the winner needs at least 1,144 delegates. >> white house press secretary carney today called on the house of representatives to pass a transportation bill but stopped short of formally endorsing the measure that passed last week in the senate. asked to respond to the house budget plan likely to be released this week the white house spokesman said the bill would break agreements made in the 2011 debt ceiling deal. >> good crowd. how is everybody? good afternoon. thanks for being here. i hope you'll have a great weekend and that some of you still have a decent brackett under way after all t
, he and mitt romney do have some similarities in what they proposed for medicare, medicaid and some deep spending cuts. >> host: nancy cook of "national journal," thanks for joining us. >> guest: thanks so much for having me. >> maryland barbara mccullzy marked a milestone over the weekend. she became the longest-serving female member of congress elected in 1976. senator -- >> in march 1979, c-span began televising the u.s. house of representatives and nonfiction books and american history is available on tv, radio, and online. >> we have even had advice that we do not do as i do today and come in with a plain old white shirt and a summer tie, heaven forbid. now, i don't know whether my colleagues feel that this would be a better decorum for the senate and i see the distinguished staffer are nodding no but the people of ohio would perhaps make a better judgment of what they would prefer me to be attired in with the united states senate. mr. president, these are just a few of our concerns here in the senate and i'm sure that none of us will do a thing differently in the senate of t
. that will happen 4:00 p.m. eastern and we'll have live coverage here on c-span2. >>> mitt romney and rick santorum are competing for the 54 delegates at stake in illinois. the primary comes on the heels of former governor romney's victory sunday in puerto rico. recent polls indicate mr. romney may have expanded his lead over rick santorum in illinois and we'll have live coverage of the results getting underway at 7:00 eastern on c-span networks, c-span radio and online on >>> the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says efforts to hand over security to the afghans are on track despite anger over a u.s. soldier's alleged massacre of afghan civilians. marine general john allen is testifying today before the house armed services committee. you can see that live right now on our companion network c-span3. he goes before the senate armed services committee on thursday. see that life nine 30 eastern on c-span3. >> nation's highest court starts oral argument on the health care law. they are hearing self challenges. justice agree to release audio of the argument each day. we'll bring it to you 2
lines between our priorities and theirs. the romney-ryan budget, for example, cuts $2.2 billion in education for children with disabilities. and what do they say to these parents? i guess they justify it by saying we just can't afford it. so why is it that we cannot afford it when five companies that collectively made $137 billion in profits just last year alone are getting $24 billion in subsidies over the next ten years. so you tell these children on the romney-ryan budget they cannot be helped to fulfill their god-given potential because we just can't afford it, but we can afford to give these five companies who made $137 billion in profits -- not proceeds, profits -- that we should give them an additional $24 billion of our taxpayers' money? i don't think so, madam president. here's another example. republicans are proposing cutting $13 billion per year from the snap program. that's formerly called the food stamp program. for families who do not know where their next meal will come from. so laid-off workers may not be able to feed their families, but our republican colleague
primaries and caucuses are this week. coming up in an hour, mitt romney will be in one of the super tuesday states, ohio. he'll be joined with his wife for a rally in the cleveland area. we'll bring that to you live at 7:00 eastern time. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal will give his proposal to balance his budget, a budget $900 million in the red. it's mostly cloudy and 37 degrees at the airport. 38 at barksdale you're listening to news radio. >> this weekend booktv and american history tv explore the history and literary culture of shareeve important, louisiana, saturday starting at noon eastern on booktv on c-span2. author jerry joiyner on the louisiana's failure from one damn blunder from the beginning to end the red river campaign from 1864. and the james nolls collection and then a walking tour of shreveport with neal johnson and on american history tv on c-span3, sunday at 5:00 pm eastern from barksdale air force face and the history of the b-52 bomber. also visit the founding fathers autographed collection at the louisiana state exhibit museum and from the pioneer heritage center,
] >> super tuesday primaries and caucuses are next week and tonight mitt romney will be in one of those super tuesday states, ohio. he will be joined by his wife and new jersey governor christie for the rally in the cleveland area. c-span2 will have live coverage starting 7:00 p.m. eastern. at the same time on c-span rick santorum will be campaigning in another part of the state. he is the keynote speaker at the lake county, ohio, republican party lincoln day dinner. see live coverage from willoughby, ohio, beginning 7:00 p.m. eastern. voters go to the polls in 10 states on tuesday. 419 delegates are at stake. three states have caucuses, alaska, idaho and north dakota. seven states have primaries. oklahoma, tennessee, george, ohio, virginia, vermont and massachusetts. watch live coverage of the results on the c-span networks and online at >> with a firm confidence in justice, freedom and peace on earth that will raise the hearts and the hopes of mankind for that distant day when no one rattle as say per and no one doctoring drag as chain. >> it is is further the cause of republica
of the aisle came out with what i call the romney-ryan budget, their proposed budget, and it would drastically cut funding for wounded soldiers, for seniors, for students. but it leaves in place these wasteful subsidies. it leaves in place these wasteful subsidies, even though we have this enormous profit. now, through some political sleight of hand, they defy reality when they tell us with a straight face that we have to make tough choices and then they cut funding for wounded soldiers, for seniors and students but won't touch the subsidies for big oil. somehow in this republican parallel universe, logic is turned on its head and we are asked to believe that fairness doesn't mean treating everyone equally, it means more for the very rich and more for big oil. but we don't live in a parallel universe, we live in the real world. fairness means that working families should not be the only people sacrificing, and we can't lower the deficit while we give taxpayer dollars away to big oil companies who are making record profits and not producing more energy. it's really amazing to me that anybody ca
and it seems to me we are seeing from republicans a lot of change in position especially mitt romney. in 2006, governor mitt romney said in the this is a direct quote commentary much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay. the new republic covered in an article just recently here but i would like to submit for the record, madam chair, the title of the article when he liked high gas prices in fact highlighted he was very much for a lot of the plans of president obama has put forward today. on the issue of gas prices i would note the associated press recently conducted a comprehensive statistical study going back 36 years. the study shows no correlation, underlining no correlation between u.s. drilling and gasoline prices. gasoline prices are driven by an oil prices which are set on the global market. the u.s. has the highest count in at least 25 years but we do not control the global supply and demand. so that's something that i think consumers need to realize and understand. even if we were totally oe all in dependent, my candidate is we would
on to mitt romney, the knock on rodney is that a 6 million. so here i have in this next flight, go ahead and show the next flight. at first i say seems like voters want anyone to admit. and that says i can do that. [laughter] as sex scandals for cartoons or is really challenging because the jokes are easy, but most are unpublishable. and that's from the editor comes in. he likes to kill my cartoons when i do an appropriate once an idea. so when anthony. twitter travel. [laughter] incidentally i think that was my favorite parts in last year, which is where my maturity level is. the next cartoon is little more cerebral. of course anything is a little more cerebral than this, but the first ranks of federal spending, social security defense, et cetera and the second frame, federal spending is used by the average american. things that benefit me personally and waste is everything else. thank you. most people you touch it and really don't know what government spending really is. where am i? the tea party has been a big theme for cartoonists. here's the tea party driving us into the tea party c
to the white house will have results from the illinois primary live at 7 eastern with speeches from mitt romney and rick santorum. your phone calls and some of "politico's" coverage. earlier today, white house press secretary, jay carney, talked about the house republican budget plan giving reasons why president obama will not support it. this is 50 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everybody. it's quiet in here. very subdued. i wanted to welcome everyone here, including my fellow irish-americans, it is, after all, alternative st. patrick's day here at the white house. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] he came to my aide, and i appreciated it. [laughter] i do not have any other comments to make at the top of the briefing. [laughter] i'll go straight to questions. okay? >> jay, the house republicans released a budget plan today that includes cuts to the safety net praks for the poor, proposes lower tax rates. does the administration see value in the plan, as a starting point? >> unfortunately now because what the ryan plan fails to do is in any way meet the test of balance t
, which republicans reject. helping the domestic auto industry, which they, even mitt romney, their leader on the republican side, said that was a mistake to help detroit, ohio, et cetera. detroit, michigan and places in ohio. so, i'm coming to the floor to say, you know, this blame game is not going to work, because both parties are really, i think, almost equally at fault. senator begich and i would like to believe that we kind of represent a little bit of the democratic side, a little bit of the republican side coming from states, both of us being democrats, but from states that know something about drilling. and i want to put up my map of louisiana so that people believe when i say that we know something about drilling. this is what my state looks like. some people might not like this picture. this is the oil and gas infrastructure in louisiana. to somebody that's a purist and doesn't like pipelines and doesn't like oil wells and doesn't like leases, they may recoil at this. but people in louisiana like this because this is about money. tanned's about domestic -- and it's about domesti
today. mitt romney began the day in mississippi. >> why are -- fire j. edgar hoover? i don't think the president could have gotten away with it. >> reporter and author 10 wider details the fbi's 100 year hidden history and j. edgar hoover's fight against terrorists, spies and subversives. >> over stands alone. he's like the washington monument. he stands alone like a statute in haste and growing. as one of the most powerful men who ever served in washington the 20 century, 11 presidents, 48 years, from woodrow wilson to richard nixon. there's no one like him. and a great deal of what we know, or what we think we know, about j. edgar hoover is myth and legend. >> tim weiner on "enemies: a history of the fbi," sunday night at 8 p.m. on c-span's q&a. >> ernest hemingway is considered one of the great american writers and his works still influence readers today. but not many people know of his work as a spy during world war ii. >> there were a couple of instances he was aware of chairman submits approaching fishing boats and saying hey, we will take your catch and your fresh food. so
: well, there weren't many choices. obviously, mitt romney and ron paul were on the ballot. mitt romney's father was one of my predecessors as golf and was help -- as governor and was helpful back in 1990 when i was running for the first time for governor. he was a marvelous leader. by this time in his career, he's done his public service as an elected official and even as an appointed official, so he was really a national leader this volunteerism and was i said separational in setting up the michigan community service commission. he was a tremendous and tireless ambassador for people getting involved and giving back to their communities. and so george and mitt are both very special people, and i think mitt's pretty special too. i think the campaign process to date, this primary's always bruising, but at the end of the day, you know, there'll be a couple of candidates for president, and as it turns out, i mean, the election day is eight months from this very day. so there's eight months, ask we'll see what happens -- and we'll see what happens in the eight months. but i think it's very
is adjourned. >> coming up today, presidential can date mitt romney is in cleveland, ohio. the former massachusetts governor is joined by his wife and new jersey governor chris christie at a campaign rally four days before the state's super tuesday primary. live coverage starting at 7 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> on this friday the senate continues working today on the transportation bill, setting highway and transit programs and policy for the next two years. senators are considering amendments to the measure. the bill has been held up due to negotiations over unrelated amendments. yesterday senate democratic leader harry reid inserted 37 amendments agreed to by bill managers on both sides of the aisle. work on the transportation bill is likely to continue through next week. and now to live coverage of the u.s. senate here on the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain dr. barry black will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. almighty god, sustain america with your providential protection as you inspire us to cultivate faith, hope and love
but there are fundamental differences. if you look at mitt romney's rating when he left massachusetts and the size of brick santorum's defeat in pennsylvania and look at what i have done. i helped create the georgia republican party. i worked in the georgia gop when there was no georgia gop. i ran for congress in the middle of watergate. i ran for five years during a congressional seat. i turned around and took 16 years to create a national majority. i helped design the first capitol steps event in history. we won six senate seats by a combined margin of 75,000 votes that year and won the senate when nobody thought we could. in 1984 i helped design a campaign that set a record carrying 49 states and picked up 33 house seats. in 1988 we were behind michael dukakis 19 points in may and decide a reagan style campaign. we didn't try to go to the middle. if george w. bush had run to a moderate he would have gotten beaten. he ran as a reagan conservative promising no new taxes and spending for national defense and attacking the kind of massachusetts liberalism that michael dukakis represented. we switched 25% of
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21